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What makes this event so special?

It is a gathering of International bands together with our own Armed Forces Band, the Malta Police Band and the Massed Pipes and Drums.  Making this... Read More

Malta Police Force Band


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The Malta Police Force Band was established by Commissioner of Police, Lieutenant Colonel Henry William Bamford OBE in 1920 and was formed up of bandsmen from the Kings Own Regiment and the Malta Royal Artillery, under the charge of its first Director of Music, Mro. E. Magro, an ex-director of the Commander-in-Chief Orchestra in Malta.  


Due to service exigencies, the Band was disbanded several times and it was last reactivated in 1994, on the 180th Anniversary of the foundation of the Force, when it made its debut in the presence of the Moscow Military Ensemble and the famous Banda dell’ Arma dei Carabinieri during a march past and Guard of Honour at St. George’s Square, Valletta.


Hence, this year, the Band is commemorating its 94th Anniversary since its establishment and its 20th Anniversary since its last reactivation. 


Over the past twenty years, the Band performed on numerous occasions throughout the Maltese Islands which performances were enthusiastically received by those in attendance.


During December 1999, the Malta Police Force Band participated for the first time in a massed-band display with the Armed Forces of Malta Band, to mark the 25th Anniversary since Malta became a Republic.  Since 2004, the Band has been invited to participate during the Malta Military Tattoo together with several other foreign bands. In 2005, the Band also had the opportunity to perform in Sicily. 


Between 2002 and 2011, the Band recorded its first three compact discs including some of the best numbers from its wide music repertoire, ranging from military marches to classic and popular music. During 2004 for the first time a dancing ensemble made up of band members was added and in 2006, the Band was further complimented with Pipes and Drums.    


Currently, the Band which has a complement of thirty-five musicians who are all regular members of the Force, from various districts and branches in Malta, is under the baton of Director of Music, Senior Inspector Anthony Cassar, the 5th musical director since its establishment. 


The Band’s role is to fulfil several commitments by supporting the Malta Police Force during ceremonial occasions. Throughout the year the Band also performs various displays and musical concerts during national and other festivities organised by the Malta Tourism Authority, The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, The Ministry for Gozo, and Local Councils, besides other charitable fund raising activities in Malta and Gozo.


Band rehearsals are periodically held after normal police duties at the Ta` Kandja Police Complex. 


The Band strives to achieve the highest standards and aims to be a bridge between the Corps and the general public.